All the frequently asked questions are listed below. Do you still have a question on your mind? Contact us at 0468/05 92 45 or fill out our contact form

All puzzles and clues should be language-independent. In case a certain clue is given, it'll surely be in english. 

Room7 will include some Dutch words, but this poses no problem for the game. 

Red Alert is played entirely in English.

At the moment we have two escape rooms designed for groups with a minimum of three and maximum of six people

You need to be at least 16 years old to play our escape rooms due to inappropriate content or difficulty of the puzzles. Accompagnied with an adult, exceptions can be made.

While you are concentrating on solving puzzles and finding clues, our focus will be solely on your timing and security. Through multiple cameras we will keep a watchful eye on you. You, as well as us, can easily unlock all the doors in case of an emergency through the use of an 'emergency' button. Your safety is guaranteed at all times.

In case you are stuck on a certain puzzle, you are always able to ask us for help! Woo-hoo!

There is a car park space available in the building. There are also bicycle stands available to use.

To make sure everything will go as smooth as possible, we ask you to try and arrive 15 minutes earlier than your actual game starts. Before we start off, we provide you with an opportunity to safely store your belongings, and we will provide some information on the game in our cosy lounge.

Sadly, the accommodations of the buildings are not suited to wheelchair users.

Did you complete our escape room successfully? Ask for a challenge card and give it to your friends. If they can beat your time, we will refund one person in that group. Please note that these challenge cards cannot be combined with other discounts. Don't forget to bring the challenge card when you visit us.

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