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Dok-Noord 3C / 001
9000 Gent

0497 06 71 57

Lockdown Escape Room Ghent can be found next to the R40, at entrance 3C from the Dok Noord building (when you approach it from Dampoort station). We will welcome you at the first floor of the building.

Are you on foot? Search for the Dok Noord entrance on the R40, close to the side of the water. Keep following the side of the building until you reach entrance 3C. Ascend the staircase 1 set of stairs and follow the signs.

Are you coming by car? You can reach the underground car park through the Atlantastraat. Park your car and leave the car park via the “Carelsplein” exit. You can reach the first floor via the elevator. There you will find Lockdown.


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