The Dok Noord Experience

It comes as no surprise that Dok Noord is simply the place to be in Ghent! Lockdown and its partners offer an extensive range of local activities, bistros and pubs. Don’t hesitate to apply for your own personalised Dok Noord Experience!


Royal gym

Specially tailored boxing or thai boxing lesson in 60 minutes! Starting off with a pre-workout, you will be learning basic punch and kick moves. This activity will end in a relaxing cool down for you to enjoy. (starting from 8 players)

Escape & Sport ~ €35 pp 

dok brewing company

Beer is their passion, and it is a passion worth sharing! You will participate in an hour-long behind-the-scenes tour in the amazing world of beer brewing! You will get the opportunity to close off this activity with an extensive tasting session. (starting from 8 players)

Escape & Beer ~€35 pp

ekart Spaghetti

Not only is Dok Noord home to the craziest racing track of Ghent. They also serve the tastiest dish of spaghetti. Reward yourselves with a bowl of Bavet after a thrilling escape! 

Escape & Bavet ~€32 pp 

Illie Mangaro

Variable healthy, homemade dishes containing fresh biological ingredients  and superfoods to give you all the energy you need to go through the rest of the day! (starting from 10 players)

Escape & Lunch ~€50pp

Culinair nagenieten!

Culinary reminiscing

Illie Mangaro

"Pure, Fresh, Worldly"


Wraps & Burgers


"Not your casual BBQ"

Pycke Zot

"Eat normal with Pycky Zot"

Officina Raffaelli

Italian Restaurant


"Taste of Ethiopia"


"Kick-ass vegan street food"

Illie Mangaro

"Eat. Pure. Love." Healthy foodbar

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